Thursday, 29 October 2009

Too many jugs

Lovely visit from Mum. Number of jugs accidentally purchased recently brought sharply into focus, as there are so many she has not seen. In my defence, I need them for my dissertation research. Is is bad that I've arranged them onto different shelves according to whether they are thrown or cast? I think it might be.

Tutorial earlier in the week went OK. Bit of a misunderstanding about a random photograph of a teapot in my sketchbook, which both tutors have latched onto and is not what my throwing project is about at all. Will remove from sketch book and hope is not seared into memory of tutor. I've got to be much quicker with my throwing I think, and break the process down into the different stages. Last pieces much too formal.

In the mean time ventured into the decoration studio. I've been collecting images of glaze test plates from museums and galleries. Like these from the Gladstone Pottery Museum in Stoke.
Bought lots of 10p Royal Doulton saucers this week to experiment with, and I made glaze test plates. Also going to fire the plate I used to clean my brush on, and the saucers I mixed the glazes on.

Will sort out an enamel kiln tomorrow.