Monday, 10 September 2012

Jiq Jaq Blog

Here's a piece written by Jiq Jaq about the jugs they're currently exhibiting.
Joanne Corbett is a ceramic artist currently based in Bristol, after graduating last year from Bath Spa with a BA in 3D design she has since been channelling her pottery talent into crafting these beautiful jugs in utopian hues.
Those of you who are local may have already seen our intriguing window display showcasing the small round bellied vessels of hers, each one unique in size, colour and detail. Corbett light heartedly refers to them as her “impractical jugs” although not to be deterred by the name, they are designed for commercial and domestic use. On their own or as a set they give any space a twist of colour and a flash of vibrancy.

Using porcelain and earthenware clays to achieve the bright, vivid colours, Corbett nurses the clay on the wheel and any marks, lines and ridges on the vessel are stories made by her hand. The imprints on the clay are clues to how the piece was created, showing where the maker touched the work – leaving finger prints, finger trails or pinch marks. The jugs are finished when the wheel is still and one pull is given to make the pouring spout.
Corbett states that her choice of hues were inspired by her 1970s childhood; the oranges, the yellows, the burgundy’s, were all taken from her own memories of domestic ceramics such as an orange Poole Delphis plate and classic Spanish Fantasia tea sets. She says that often the inspiration becomes apparent once the vessel is made, and she recognises the similarity with an object from the past – her subconscious mind reminiscing as her creativity experiments with shape and colour.
Corbett also creates “clay drawings” with ceramic hoops in frames, experimenting with form and space, creating an almost mechanical effect, as if they were clock parts – clogs saturated in colour.
Here at Jiq Jaq we really enjoy the colours of her work and their relaxed and organic forms. The vibrant colours really complement the work of Marilyn Koan’s which we are currently exhibiting.