Wednesday, 4 November 2009

1000 words

Wrote 1000 words of dissertation last night. Decided that I couldn't go to bed without a word count so I started in the middle of the essay. Just need some more middle, a beginning, an end, footnotes, photos and a bibliography now. Sorted.

Loaded enamel kiln today. I'll see what it all looks like in the morning. Technician very patient while I asked many many questions. Brick on or off? Rewarded him with a bit of a Jo tantrum this afternoon. Surprised me as much as it did him.

Put enamel transfers on some slip cast work from last year. I cast some more after the assessment because I wanted another attempt at all the different processes. Much to improve. Hoping I've stuck the enamel transfers on the right way round this time. Nobody told me there was a front and a back. Best to presume I know nothing.

Been looking at the work of C.J. O'Neill. My tutor pointed me in her direction last week. She cuts text out of the plates, which might be something I could do with some paintress names.

Andrew Tanner, a designer and manager of what's left of Poole Pottery, does the same.

Been wondering about a wall full of eclectically decorated plates, reflecting the different styles of decoration and skills of the paintresses. With their names...where?

I'll check my enamel kiln tomorrow, and do some throwing.