Monday, 16 November 2009

Kings Norton Craft

Had a stall at a Christmas market on Saturday, at Saint Nicholas Place, in Birmingham. The grammar school, Saracen's Head pub, 12th century church and Tudor century merchant's house on the green in Kings Norton won the BBC2 Restoration programme in 2004.

I sold a lot of pottery there on Saturday. My prices were fairly cheap and cheerful and I have to recognise that I was the only ceramicist in the room, so didn't have any competition. Really lovely to talk to people and watch their reaction to my work. Even if they just handle a piece and think about buying it, it's great to get a response. Really nerve wracking too. Not quite comfortable yet saying this is me, this is what I make, and this is good stuff. I suppose that is because it's a really eclectic range for sale; the end product of lots of different projects. I don't know who I am as a maker yet. And I can see all of the flaws and know that each project only took me so far, and many skills leave much to be desired. I'm at the beginning of a very long journey. Good to have to think about display, business cards, organisation and pricing work. Good to talk to other stall holders too.


Got another sale on Saturday 28th November, at Oldfield Park Baptist Church in Bath. Part of a group called Oldfield Artists. There will be other ceramic artists there, so that customers will have more reference points and be more able to make judgements about quality. I'm more of a quantity person at this point!