Monday, 4 July 2011

Honor Elliot

Such an exciting and unexpected thing happened at New Designers. I was exhibiting scans of a Meakin jug and two Long Line Bristol jugs from the Pountney’s factory...

The 1960s Long Line design came late in the history in the factory and was created by Honor Elliot, a 23 year old college graduate from Stoke-on-Trent. I met Honor Elliot at New Designers. While I was away from the stand she came across my photos and said “I made those.” She had a chat and then had to go. L ran to find me and I did some very rare things – abandoning cake, running and posing in a photo. She was very lovely and incredibly unfussed about the whole thing.

The excitement continued the next day when Honor Elliot’s daughter came to see the work. Her mum had phoned her and told her to come and see it. We’ve all swapped emails and I’m going to send some photos and my dissertation.
She was the youngest member of the design team when she came to Bristol in 1959. She used a pre-existing shape; the "BRISTOL KITCHENWARE" range. The Long Line range was featured in the Woman’s Journal ‘House of the Year 1962’ at Coombe Dingle, Bristol, and won a recommendation from the Good Housekeeping Institute, which is printed on the bottom of each piece.